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                  Questions and Answers

                  Before beginning, take the Ask and Answer Questions on SAP Community tutorial to familiarize yourself with everything you need to know about questions and answers on SAP Community. You'll even earn a badge for your profile for completing the tutorial! The tips below also cover the basics necessary to get started with questions and answers.

                  How to ask a question

                  Looking for answers from SAP Community members? Following this guidance will help you get the information you need.

                  • Before you ask a question, please browse the community in case this question has been answered before.
                  • If you need to create a new question, start with a descriptive title that briefly outlines what your question is about. A clear question title will help community members gain a quick initial understanding of your question. It will also help community members find your question when they are searching for similar answers.
                  • When writing your question, please share what steps you took that led you to your question. If you don't, community members might tell you to take actions you've already tried yourself.
                  • Make sure that your question is very specific. Provide as many details as possible -- such as which product version you are using and what error message you're receiving.

                  Remember: Asking a good question will more likely result in a good answer that you were after!

                  To submit your question, select "Ask a Question" and begin to fill in the fields (shown below) -- following the guidance that appears on this page.

                  When you start entering the question title, the system automatically searches?for similar questions in SAP Community and will list the results on your screen while you are typing.

                  ask a question

                  Using tags

                  Let the right Community experts know about your question – with the right tags. There are three types of tags:

                  • Primary Tag: the main topic of your question, choose from a selection of SAP governed tags.

                  • Secondary Tag: additional SAP governed tags, useful if your question covers more than one topic available in the pre-determined list of tags.

                  • User Tag: any other tag that will help other users to find your question easily. You can create one or choose from the existing set created by your fellow community members.

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