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                  About Tags

                  Metadata powers the organization and discovery of information in SAP Community. Applying tags to questions and blogs allows community content to be retrieved and aggregated in the community and throughout the SAP digital experience.

                  SAP Managed Tags

                  SAP established a core set of metadata based on the SAP taxonomy of products, solutions, services, topics, events, and more. We’ve pulled together this metadata because it’s specific to SAP. It is meant to serve as a common SAP vocabulary with which to identify and characterize content relevant to the world of SAP and its software customers, and ecosystem. We call the terms in this SAP metadata schema “managed tags” in the community.

                  At least one managed tag – a “primary” tag – must be applied to a question or blog post before it can be published. This tag designates the main subject of the content. You may apply additional managed tags – just don’t overdo it!

                  User Tags

                  In addition to applying one or more managed tags to a piece of content, you may apply user tags. A user tag – also known as a “social tag,” or in the aggregate as a "folksonomy" – is a word, group of words, or text string that further categorizes a piece of content.

                  Questions and blog posts can be aggregated around both managed and user tags. User tags provide additional specificity to content and flexibility in the content landscape. They allow you to further characterize a piece of content and help you extend your questions and conversation beyond subjects afforded by managed tags. When submitting a question or writing a blog post, you may apply existing user tags or create your own.

                  Available Tags in SAP Community

                  You’ll find a list of all the managed tags with which you may tag content on the respective pages:

                  Tagging Interface

                  The tag interface, or the “tag picker,” is pictured below with input fields for managed tags and user tags. Use the first two fields pictured (“Select a Primary tag (required)” and “Select Additional tag(s)”) to add managed tags. Add user tags in the third field. (Note that this interface is for blogging. The Q&A interface is slightly different in appearance, but the order of tags remains the same: primary tag, followed by additional tag, followed by user tags.)

                  Tag Picker

                  The tag picker suggests relevant tags as you begin typing. It accepts acronyms and synonyms for some terms, and is fairly forgiving when it comes to spelling errors.

                  Tag Picker

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