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                  SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication

                  SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service is a cloud service for secure authentication and user management in SAP cloud and on-premise applications. It provides services for authentication, single sign-on, and user management.

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                  Universal Identity and Access Management for Employees and Consumers

                  The article explains how three cloud-based SAP offerings — SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication, SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning, and SAP Customer Identity — can help you manage user identities and authorizations in employee and customer-facing scenarios.

                  Read the SAPinsider article

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                  Demo Video of SAP Cloud Platform Identity and Access Management Services

                  Watch our new demo video and find out how to simplify the onboarding process for new employees, integrate with various applications, and protect your company assets with appropriate authorizations and secure logon.

                  Watch the video

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                  Identity Lifecycle in Hybrid Landscapes

                  This new guide explains how identity and access management (IAM) software from SAP supports building successful software integrations in cloud and hybrid environments and provides a seamless user experience while ensuring security and compliance.

                  Read the SAP CIO guide

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                  Hi, Do you know what happened to the roadmap for Identity Authentication? It is not anymore on the Roadmap website and it is not included in the SAP Cloud Platform Roadmap. The last one I have is from...

                  LDAP Password Synchronization in IDM

                  We have a requirement where we need to implement Self-Service password reset from IDM to AD & SAP system. Now we have roadblock as in - as per audit requirement, we DO NOT want users to set the last 5...

                  June 3rd, 2019
                  Provisioning users and passwords from SAP ABAP to Identity Autenthication Service

                  Hi, I want to use IPS to replicate users of On-Prem ABAP server (ECC) to SCP IAS, so cloud user can logon on Fiori Apps on SCP Portal (Fiori Apps) with the same username of SAP ECC. In the replication...

                  Error in Interface CPI with LMS - Could not parse as Edmx document

                  Dear all, I need a help for understand error in interface of integration data SF LMS, bellow detail the error: Detail of configuration Test in POSTMAN: Someone know the cause error? Regards, Leandro M...

                  OData Service Provision URL execute Postman Failed by using SCP Short id

                  Hi All, Greeting of the day! My issue I am unable to execute OData Service Provision URL in Postman. I have registered the service in Odata provisioning it 's fine. I am able to getting the metadata i...

                  SSO for CPI Users

                  We would like to setup SSO on our CPI tenant. As per SAP’s documentation, single sign on works differently for Business Users vs Platform Users. Can you please help with the following: Are CPI user’s ...

                  May 21st, 2019

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                  Customize SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication (IAS) UI

                  In this article you will learn how to customize the SAP IAS UI and integrate it seamlessly into your corporate design. I will show you how to setup IAS with a custom theme, how to create the theme and...

                  May 17th, 2019
                  SAP Copilot -- An SAP Offering to make ERP intelligent

                  I am writing this blog to give a detailed procedure on how to implement the SAP Copilot on S4 HANA. The Idea here is to utilize an S4HANA 1709 on-premise application to implement the SAP Copilot hoste...

                  May 16th, 2019
                  Join us at the Digital Core and Intelligent Platform Conference 2019 in Amsterdam!

                  Join our security experts at the Digital Core and Intelligent Platform conference coming up in Europe! GRC 2019, Administration, Infrastructure & Platform 2019, and Cybersecurity for SAP Customers 201...

                  Not allowed to work with your SAP cloud CRM in a café?

                  No problem here is how you restrict access to your private network. The new cloud era is one of the best things that could have happened for those people, who like to work wherever they are, and at an...

                  May 8th, 2019
                  SAP and Microsoft join forces to give customers seamless identity experience across SAP and Azure AD

                  SAP and Microsoft have partnered to help enterprises on their journey to the cloud and enable cross consumption of SAP and Microsoft services. Achieving that cross consumption requires first of all se...

                  May 7th, 2019
                  SAP Cloud Identity Tenant - Request to Migrate to a Different Region

                  Over the years I've had the opportunity to work on multiple SAP Cloud Platform related projects and some of them involved the setting up of the SAP Cloud Identity Authentication Service (SCIAS). I hav...

                  May 1st, 2019

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