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                  Gain new and loyal customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud

                  Identify and engage customers in a secure environment, simplify their journeys, and protect them and your business from risk.


                  Boost conversions and drive engagement

                  Onboard customers quickly with intuitive user registration and use social login workflows to capture rich, permission-based data to drive personalized engagements.

                  Smooth cross-channel customer journeys

                  Improve omnichannel strategies with single sign-on, SAML 2.0, and Open ID Connect data federation standards and risk-based, multifactor, and password-less authentication options.

                  Benefit from strength-in-numbers security

                  Protect your customers and business with network-protected identity features, account harvesting detection, and specialized protection against account takeover and DDoS attacks.

                  Provide transparency and control with secure data governance

                  Build trust and protect your business by being more transparent with customers and giving them control of their data.


                  Strengthen customer trust

                  Use customizable, preconfigured workflows to capture customers’ consent and preferences at each permission-based touchpoint, and store versioned consent records for up to seven years in our audit-ready vault.

                  Give customers control

                  Empower customers to manage their own experience through customizable, self-service preference centers that enable them to exercise their data subject rights under GDPR and other regional data protection regulations.

                  Streamline data management

                  Ensure that consent and preferences are consistently enforced throughout the customer lifecycle and across every channel, brand, and region through centralized, simple, and secure data governance and orchestration.

                  Unify customer data for better contextual marketing, e-commerce, sales, and services

                  Create rich customer profiles from first-party customer data for deeper audience insights and more trusted, relevant experiences.


                  Break down data silos

                  Transform all types of structured and unstructured attributes into rich, unified customer profiles and streamline your business by governing and orchestrating all customer data from a single location.

                  Power trusted personalization at scale

                  Deliver relevant experiences with prebuilt data integrations into customer engagement solutions, and use powerful ETL, webhooks, and API functions to fuel virtually any application or service with trusted customer data.

                  Gain deeper customer insights

                  Understand your audience and drive pinpoint-accurate segmentation at scale with integration into leading analytics providers to deliver meaningful customer engagements and optimize your marketing and ad spend.

                  Build a trusted business customer database and partner ecosystem

                  Accelerate time to market, simplify identity lifecycle management, and protect against business risks with SAP Customer Identity and Access Management.

                  • Manage the entire lifecycle of customers’ and partners’ digital identities, consent, authentication, and authorization
                  • Simplify customer and partner access and reduce IT complexities with business policy-based access control and organizational access management
                  • Remove friction from user journeys with self-service registration, single sign-on, delegated administration, and progressive profiling features
                  • Protect against business risk by capturing and tracking users’ preferences and consent across the full user lifecycle

                  Offer customers transparency and control, while addressing GDPR compliance

                  Enable privacy and control across every brand and property to earn customers’ trust and address compliance with GDPR.

                  • Maintain proof of how, when, where, and why you collect and process customer data
                  • Implement a holistic solution for managing customer profiles, preferences, and consent
                  • Address many of the toughest requirements of the GDPR
                  • Provide transparency into how you collect and use customers' personal data?
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                  Securely identify consumers across devices and channels to drive registrations and engagement, manage permissions and consent across the lifecycle, and transform data into unified customer profiles with three, tightly integrated products:

                  SAP Customer Data Cloud Resource Center

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