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                  Asset Management?

                  Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets with enterprise asset management (EAM) software from SAP.

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                  SAP Conference on Intelligent Asset Management
                  ?·? Madrid, Spain

                  SAP Intelligent Asset Management

                  • Collaborative asset management
                  • Centralized asset data repository
                  • Equipment information tracking
                  • Asset information management
                  • Risk and criticality assessment
                  • Failure modes and effects analysis
                  • Dynamic maintenance schedules
                  • Advanced analytics
                  • Asset performance insights
                  • Asset health prediction
                  • Digital twins with virtual sensors
                  • Dynamic 3D visualizations
                  Go mobile
                  • Work order management
                  • Compatibility with multiple devices
                  • Mobile asset management

                  SAP Asset Intelligence Network

                  Use a cloud-based repository to collect and track enterprise asset information.


                  Collaborative asset management

                  Share best practices for optimal deployment, management, and maintenance of equipment.

                  Centralized asset data repository

                  Access details about assets and equipment from one place, enabling effective asset management and customer service processes.

                  Equipment information tracking

                  Connect with manufacturers, operators, or service providers to share analytics on asset performance.

                  This new network helps our customers and partners, as well as our company, to be more efficient and reduce the risks of operating equipment.

                  Michael Sigl, Team Lead, IT Infrastructure and Communications, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH.

                  SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management

                  Measure and improve the performance of your assets and enhance maintenance strategies.


                  Asset information management

                  Upload data from ERP systems; track models, equipment, locations, and spare parts; and manage failure mode analysis.

                  Risk and criticality assessment

                  Calculate risk scores based on different dimensions and impact categories.

                  Failure modes and effects analysis

                  Identify potential failures, including causes and effects, and prioritize identified failure risks.

                  SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

                  Detect, predict, and prevent equipment failures with our proactive maintenance tools.


                  Dynamic maintenance schedules

                  Plan and package your maintenance schedules dynamically to improve resource utilization and reduce asset downtime.

                  Advanced analytics

                  Empower asset operators and service providers with predictive analytics that help them identify and mitigate issues early on.

                  Asset performance insights

                  Increase visibility into asset performance, enabling OEMs and service providers to offer high-margin services at lower risk.

                  SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS

                  Support effective asset management with real-time, predictive engineering analytics.


                  Asset health prediction

                  Create a digital twin of a product to help assess its current state and identify signs of degradation.

                  Digital twins with virtual sensors

                  Enable continuous monitoring of asset status using a network of virtual sensors that are positioned in digital twins.

                  Dynamic 3D visualizations

                  Use simulations to inspect asset behavior, visualize root causes of anomalies, and determine timings for replacing parts.

                  SAP Asset Manager

                  Gain access to context-rich visualizations and actionable insights to enable simple and timely execution of EAM processes.


                  Work order management

                  Manage work orders, integrate with geographic information systems (GIS), and get status updates about asset performance.?

                  Compatibility with multiple devices

                  Get an intuitive user experience on iOS and Android devices with native features such as TouchID and location services.

                  Mobile asset management

                  Review and operate asset management processes online, offline, or with an intermittent connection.

                  SAP Work Manager

                  Empower maintenance crews to work more safely, productively, and independently with the SAP Work Manager mobile app.


                  Work order management

                  Oversee work orders and notifications, track actions and measurement readings, and enable GIS integration.

                  Maintenance management

                  Access maintenance data anytime, anywhere and manage processes whether you’re online, offline, or occasionally connected.

                  Support for multiple devices

                  Use devices that fit your needs with support for iOS and Android phones and tablets and Microsoft Windows laptops.

                  Multiple deployment options

                  Choosebetween cloud or on-premise deployment to fulfill your specific businessrequirements.

                  SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

                  Get geographical insights with a map-based user experience based on geo-enabled asset management processes and master data.


                  Web-based geometry explorer

                  Use publicly-available GIS information and view data on a map with geospatial features in SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA.

                  Standalone geometry editor

                  Create, edit, and store geometry for any spatially-enabled business object within SAP Business Suite or SAP S/4HANA.

                  Customization of geospatially-enabled solutions

                  Adjust map user interfaces for different user groups and personalize application launching functionality from the map.

                  Federation of GIS data

                  Get geospatially-enabled objects as REST-based services and consume spatial SAP business data from standard GIS applications.

                  SAP S/4HANA Asset Management for resource scheduling

                  Optimize maintenance resources, reduce downtime, and increase productivity by transforming planning and scheduling.


                  KPI dashboard for maintenance planners

                  Get an overview of due maintenance orders, gain insights into work center usage, and keep track of your maintenance backlog.

                  Maintenance schedule simulation

                  Build schedules by simulating scope and workload, optimize use of work centers, and dispatch scheduled activities.

                  Graphical overview of maintenance activities

                  View your maintenance schedule, track work status, and change maintenance activities to level work center utilization.

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                  The physical asset and the digital twin

                  Benefit from a full digital representation of connected assets along their lifecycle.

                  Digital twin technologies

                  Find out how digital twins synchronize the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assets and products in real time to help you accelerate innovation, optimize operating performance conditions, and predict service requirements.

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                  Get the latest news and trends from experts

                  Kate Dowle
                  Product Management,
                  SAP Intelligent Asset Management,
                  Discover new asset management capabilities

                  Explore enhancements to SAP Intelligent Asset Management, including unified access to applications and checklist integration.

                  Diaa Abdelaziz
                  Product Owner of Service Parts Planning and IBP,
                  Avoid asset failure with intelligent supply chains

                  Predict, maintain, and plan your spare parts inventory with an intelligent supply chain for assets.

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