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                  SAP MaxAttention

                  Get?the services, methods, and tools you need to run your IT landscape on premise,?in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

                  SAP ActiveAttention

                  Gain?a unique combination of on-site services from an embedded support team and?engineering services performed by global experts.

                  See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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                  62% faster data load time for sales statistics

                  Hear?how E.ON is competing in an ever-evolving marketplace by unleashing the full?potential of innovative, cloud-based solutions.

                  Less risk throughout the project and postlaunch

                  Find?out how MegaFon underwent a significant digital transformation project to?simplify and automate end-to-end company processes.

                  75% lower IT costs by reducing data storage

                  Explore?how Kolon Group manages complex processes at a lower cost and higher?productivity with next-generation ERP software.

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